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Founders Follies: Recruiting

on Monday, 24 December 2012. Posted in News and Updates

Founders Follies: Recruiting


Last week we talked about how ranks and promotions are part of the lifeblood that help keep a guild pumping. Today, I’m going to talk a bit about recruiting. For those who aren’t aware of what “Founders Follies” is, its just some reflections and musings from me on the past 6 years and different things we’ve tried in the name of guild management. If you’re interested, keep on reading. Hopefully I can shed some light on current issues that the guild is facing by looking at past ones.

Founders Follies: Guild Achievements

on Tuesday, 18 December 2012. Posted in News and Updates

Ranks and their meanings

Founders Follies: Guild Achievements

It's been awhile since I've had a regular blog going and so much has changed in the game that I've found it very difficult to find a niche that I could talk about. Priests? I'm not a very good one. Druids? Completely different than a year ago. Raiding? Questing? Achievements? Time has gone and made me the fool, and I wretched my brain this week trying to think of something that I could pitch in my two cents.

Luckily, I was musing on how and when I should promote new members of the guild the other day and it occurred to me that promotions, guild management and GMing hasn't changed much in my absence. And, as luck would have it, I just so happen to have a few years experience in that field :P 

So, this (hopefully) weekly post will be musings and reflections on anything and everything I've learned in my 6 years as former GM of SOF.


Attention: We Need Your Help

on Wednesday, 12 December 2012. Posted in News and Updates

Looking for writers, ideas or owlbears of all sizes

Hey guys, the title says it all really, we need your help.

Call to Arms

Now, as you may have noticed, the guild is doin' pretty good for itself. We're having a + influx of new blood and raiding is going pretty good. But, news, updates, events and all of that jazz--the very lifeblood of a good guild--is stagnant. 

I need people that have ideas, opinions, thoughts or exaggerated fantasies and are willing to write them down for the whole guild to see to step up the plate.

We need writers/bloggers that would be willing to do regular posts on the guild website. If you want the job, speak with Majii, Romeran or Thea. 

Now, you can writer about ANYTHING you want. Check out wowinsider for some ideas, or just think of your own. It can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. It can be anything, as long as its WoW related and follows the rules of the guild. 

Off the top of my head, here are some categories that I would love to see up on the site:

Raid Updates:

How are the raids going, any new progress, any words of wisdom, etc.)

Guild News:

Wanna be a reporter? Thats what dis is.

Daily Updates:

Something like, "breakfast topics" or maybe just your personal daily thoughts. A guide to dailies, or a guide to leveling pocket monsters, etc.

Personal Adventure:

Anything. It can be an adventure starting achievements, or starting pet training or starting a new toon or...anything. 


Want the job? E-mail Majii at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , in-game, ORRRRR on the FORUMS :D!

So, we're all level 90. Now what?

on Monday, 29 October 2012. Posted in News and Updates

The race to the ever moving finish

So, we're all level 90. Now what?

It took me a bit longer to finally reach the new level cap, but I got there. And the feeling of overwhelming exurberance and fulfillment filled me bones! Wellll, not quite. It's really hard to not compare MoP to other expansions. I feel that you have to take each expansion as its own entity because, if you don't you'll find yourself forever ranting about the enchanting days of yore where Molten Core was da sh*t and loot didn't rain from a pinata sky. 

Those days are gone and each expansion has had something good going for it. But, there is something that I can never forget and thats the feeling of achievement after reaching the final level for that particular expansion. 70 was amazing. And finally getting enough rep to unlock the Heroic dungeons felt even better. 80 was one hell of a ride and 85 was pretty worth while itself. But, 90. Well, it lacked something. Call it flare or pizzaz. But, it lacked that feeling of wonderment that one should feel after grinding for several weeks to reach it. 

I suppose that the reason for this might be is that you know that end isn't the end anymore. That there are only (about) 2 expansions left in WoW and that you've had this feeling of achievement four times before. Its that bitter sweet mixture of: "Yes! I made it!" with "...here we are again" and a hint of "Just another several months before I get to repeat it all over again...".

So, with so many of us reaching level 90, I guess the question is, where do we go fromh here?


Holy Crap, Spoilers!

on Friday, 12 October 2012. Posted in News and Updates

Peek if you dare

Holy Crap, Spoilers!

Datamining for content is like opening your Christmas presents months in advance. Where is the surprise? Where is the shock? Where is the utter disbelief at what Blizzard is going to do?

That's right, the good people at MMO-Champion have datamined a HUGE treasure trove of goodies for upcoming patches and world events. And man, some of this stuff is heavy. 

I won't keep you in suspense. You can listen to the Garrosh spoiler here (CLICK ME).

You can speculate the return to the Black Temple here (ME, CLICK MEEEEE)

And you can induldge yourself in the new Pandaren cooking spoilers here (o.o)


The Daily Grind: Guild Updates and maor :O!

on Thursday, 11 October 2012. Posted in News and Updates

The Daily Grind: Guild Updates and maor :O!

That's right folks, guild updates are back! I don't know if Karnie would approve this message...but its approved by MAI FACE so...thar. Thats all the approval you need :P

Get things kicken, lets take a look at the major headlines.

Raid Season is Open, So Get Your Gear

Dats right folks, raid season is open and the ducks are ready for huntin'. The only issue is, people need to get their gear! Thea is ready and willing to go and Jade is aching for some action.

If you need help with gear or if you need help with talents or anything else, you need to ask your guildies! Don't forget, you are in a guild and that means a boat load more than just bonus and small perks. These guys will help you if you need it, so just ask.

There is an item level requirement, see Thea, Jade, Muttlie, Romeran or anyone else for that info. And if you need help with your DPS rotation, talk to our many fine guild DPSers. If you need help with healing, pop into a BG. You'll be a master healer in no time.

The Guild Bank, Here to Serve

Honestly, if you don't use the guild bank I'm going to steal all the money and throw myself a sexy party.

We are STOCKED with both Cata and MoT items. Take out stuff! Put in stuff! 

The way it works is simple: If you take out, put in. Don't be a hog. Don't just take. I don't know how the new administration handles things but i come from a long line of "If you don't contribute back to the guild, you recieve a warning and if you continue we will remove you."

So, guys. Use the bank. It pains me to see it so lonely. 

If You Post it, Your Rank Will Come

Once again, I don't have Roms approval on this, but, my face. So. 

If you want to be promoted to anything above a trainee. Post on the website. Give a little introduction, say who you are where your from why you play, etc. Just introduce yourself. We're a guild, a community. So be part of that.

Make this Guild Like Home

This isn't so much an update as it is a plea.

This game is great. We all know that or else we wouldn't be playing and paying for it. But the thing that makes it great, in my opinion, are you guys.

This guild has been around for 6 (going on 7) years now. We're one of the oldest guilds on the server, one of the older guilds in the game and we plan to be around into the next big thing. This guild will out last WoW. But only if you help it do so.

Take a break from dailies, take a break from questing and post some suggestions or create events or do something. Get involved with the other players of this guild. 

And if you're an office, have you been sending "welcome to the guild" letters? Have you taken time to mark player notes, invite them to the website, inform them of the rules and truely make them a member of our guild? 

I'm not going to take the reigns from Rom and lead the guild again. But, because I'm a horrible meddler, I will make sure that this guild maintains its status as one of the best guilds in the damn game. 

So guys! More updates to come and I hope to see ya'll and talk to ya'll in game :D!


OH! And get on vent! Seriously, its like a ghost town in there. L2 Talk Nubs! :O! (jk, but seriously, get on vent every now and then o.o)

Warcraft: Then and Now

on Tuesday, 09 October 2012. Posted in News and Updates

Just some musings from an old tanking bear

Warcraft: Then and Now

This isn't really a news post or guild udpdate of importane. Just the musings and rants of an old tanking bear. Read if ya want, your comments are most welcome :)

For starters, I don't miss vanilla. There is a lot of nostalgia among older WoW players, and I agree that the game has become much more gimmicky, but vanilla was pretty crappy. It was fun, don't get me wrong, i'm just saying that compared to some of its expansions, it was greatly lacking.  There challenge and possibilities are what made it a blast. Doing bitching server wide parties with Sleeper Cartel using a limited range of items and abilities that Vanilla offered is what drew me to the game. However, not being able to kill a level 46 Dire Beat as a level 51 druid really sucked. Gnomeregon was hell. Black Rock Depth runs longer than modern raids and and elite mobs were more ghastly than most bosses. The introduction of the Summoning Stone was a god send. It was a different game, a very fun game, but one that I can't say that I miss too much.

Now, if you read the above part, kudos to you. The rest of this is just my musings are a weathered player returning from a year away to experience all the wonders of MoP and as a old guild master musing on what it means to be in a guild and what defines that experience. If ya wanna read, do so. 


Cleaning Out the Cobwebs

on Monday, 08 October 2012. Posted in News and Updates

Cleaning Out the Cobwebs

Welcome to the new and improved guild website! To those old members, I hope this site will become lively again like it was in the past and we can continue to provide some useful features for you. For the newbies just tuning in, its really great to have you! 

Most of you know who I am and i'm really glad to be back and see all of you again. However, for all the newbies, I hope to get to see you in-game or talk to you on vent very soon. You really did pick a great guild to join. I'm not just saying that because I founded the guild, although that would be a reasonable bias, i'm saying that because out of all the folks in the game, i've come to trust most of the members of SoF as my close friends. And thats a great thing to have in a guild. Hell, it was a good enough reason for me to come back from retirement, pay $40 for the new expansion and slink back online to see everyone again. So, like I said before, If you haven't talked with anyone yet or haven't introduced yourself to the officers, the GM, or myself yet, you really should. 

We'll have some pretty constant postings coming back to the site soon, so check back often to see what guild/game news we have for you :)

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